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Diaries of my first Fashion Week – Day 2

Day 2!!! Today is the “relaxing” day of my three-day NYFW stunt. I’ve managed to get tickets to a couple of shows and have a quick meeting to go over my show tomorrow.

I woke up at 5am not by choice. For starters, I was freezing cold. And I also had to pump milk. I curled up in a ball and managed to get a little warm and sleep until 7:30am. I literally pondered what to do for about an hour. In my mental plans, which never actually happen because my mind is up in la la land, I would go have breakfast at Bouchon, Thomas Keller’s amazing bakery, which is right across the street from my hotel. Then, I would get a foot and back massage from that tiny nail salon that is also right next to my hotel and I would get ready for my 11am meeting.

Here’s what actually went down. I was too cold to leave the hotel at all, so at 8am I put on sweat pants and went to the lobby to get a $25 minuscule plate of granola with a side of stale fruit and a Hot Chocolate.  This hotel was much better last time I stayed there. Anyway… I really wanted to dip myself in the hot chocolate, but I had to settle for drinking it while calling my parents to update them about yesterday’s events.

I decided I just needed that massage, so I went outside in that terrible, horrendous, freezing weather to find out: it was Sunday and they didn’t open until 11am. My last hope for that massage would be on my last day, but chances were looking slim.

Once back inside my room at 9:30am, I called the lobby to find out how in the world I could adjust the temperature in my room. Here’s how the call went:

Me: “Good morning, miss. Is there a way I can adjust the temperature in my room?”

Guest services person: “There is central heating, so you can’t really control it from your room. But the heating has been down for a few hours now. We’re working on it.”

Me: “Whaaaat? It is a record breaking weekend for how cold it is! What do you mean the heating is down? Also, didn’t you miss a little ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience, your incredibly expensive yet terrible breakfast is on us today’?” (Actually, that happened in my mind. Instead I said a cool and not at all awkward: “Uhmm”)

Guest services person: “Actually, it looks like there is no hot water either so, if you have hot water in your shower, I would go ahead and shower now.”

Seriously, what in the world? Pull it together Hudson Hotel!

At 9:45am I was mentally ready to shower in my little fridge of a room. I didn’t have hot water, it was warmish at first and then room temperature. I ended up using the hair dryer in my room to warm myself and the room up. Thankfully, the room is about the size of my palm, so it actually made a difference.

I got ready and got to my 11am meeting at FTL Moda’s showroom right on time. First of all, the showroom FTL Moda NYC Showroomis unbelievable. Right in the middle of fashion district with high ceilings, tons of natural light, and the decor is basically the same as my house. They even had some of the same chairs.

I was surprised I was on time, not so surprised they were running a little behind. “Sorry, we’re Italian,” they said.  I was happy hearing them go through the FUMO show. The clothes are beyond elegant and it was my first time seeing how this whole thing worked.

There was drama all over. Some models weren’t showing up for fittings, they couldn’t find light switches for the showroom (its brand new), one designer wasn’t sure her things would get to NY in time for tomorrow… Or at all. I was amazed at how they kept their cool. Handled all the emergencies that would have each given me a mild heart attack and finally sat down with me to go over what my entertainment break would go like.

I cast two amazing twin models who, we decided, would walk out first cool and poised because, although it was raining on them, their bags were safely protected by their Dear Rains. Then, we decided to have the other three models walk out, giggling, chatting like a group of girlfriends, holding broken umbrellas. They would stop in the middle of the runway and, when the twins began to make their way back, they would remove their Dear Rains from their bags and walk out. All throughout there would be rain sounds in the background. Their hair would be wet and their makeup running. We needed to get across the idea that it had rained on them.

I left at 1:30pm. So excited, I was almost skipping in my gigantic and super skinny stilettos. It was still freezing, but I had tickets for a show just a few blocks away. I got to the show to find out my “standing priority ticket” meant you can walk in and stand in the background. Luckily, I stood by the entrance for those with seats with a sad puppy face and, right before show time, I was asked to sit on the third row.

I’m not even going to say whose show it was. But I didn’t like it. It smelled like weed everywhere and the designs were just too “urban” for me. But, whatever, it was my first fashion show ever and I enjoyed it.

Right after, I walked in circles trying to find something to eat only to end up in a small place literally across the street from the venue. At 3:30pm I was once again inside waiting for the next show. I did the same puppy face thing and it worked again! This time, I had Jonathan Cheban and EJ Johnson sitting like 5 seats away (front row, of course) and Marla Maples and Lance Bass sitting in front on the other side of the runway.

Dear Rain Founder and Jonathan ChebanThe clothes were nice, many of the models famous, but to be honest, I paid no attention. I spent the entire show thinking of a master plan to give some of the celebs a Dear Rain sample. EJ Johnson walked out first when the show ended. I followed him going: “EJ! EJ! EJ!” like a 12 year old One Direction fan but either he is too tall to hear us mortals or he plain ignored me. I was SO nervous. This is really not something I’m good at. But then I turned and Jonathan Cheban was right there. He was so nice! I asked if I could take a picture, he said yes, I was trembling,  I can’t do selfies so it came out terrible, but I was happy anyway. After the photo, I said: “here, this is a little gift for you!” And he said: “Oh my god, thank you! You’re so cute!”

Unfortunately, I was so nervous, I didn’t even explain that this was for handbags and I would love for him to give it to a female friend. You know, one of those reaaaally famous friends he has? Wink, wink. I’m hoping he will, though. I tweeted it at him and my fingers are blue from crossing them. So, wish me luck!

At 4:30pm I was resting my feet a little in my hotel before leaving to Milk Studios in Chelsea, where I had tickets to the MADE presentation at 6pm. The American Express Package was great. Amazing service and a cool gift bag. The presentations were a little out there for me, but I loved the format. There were four rooms and each designer did whatever he wanted with his models. In one room, the models were sort of dancing. In the second, they were just standing there. In the third, they were standing and would switch directions every once in a while. In the fourth, they were doing like a runway around the room and all the models were of different ages, shapes, races, sizes. That was kind of cool.

 MADE Presentations at MilkI then went to the Maybelline lounge where I was given a ton of free makeup and, even better, my Dear Rain got a Photo-Op for some sort of campaign they are doing where there are Maybelline products coming out of your bag.

At 7pm, I tried to get a table at Budakkhan. No luck. Went right next door to a place called Rana (does the owner know this means frog in Spanish? It’s not a very attractive name… Even if it is the Chef’s last name. Maybe use your initials next time, buddy.). I got a seat at the bar, ordered fried calamari and a cheese plate and really missed my husband because that’s what we usually order and share. Instead, I sat down and wrote this while also looking through my gift bag. American Express gave me a bunch of cool stuff, but I was curious to see what the gift was when I Left the presentation with the dancing models. I open it right in the middle of the restaurant. Surprise! It’s a vibrator! How embarrassing is that? No one there looked like they knew Fashion Week was even going on, so they probably thought I was going through my shopping for the day. If I were capable of blushing, trust me, I would have.

I asked for the chef and the maitre’d came up to me with that face that says I’m so sorry for you, put a hand on my shoulder and said: “dessert is on my tonight, honey.” This was not at all flirty, he really felt sorry for me. Then it hit me: it was Valentine’s day and there I was sitting alone in a restaurant opening a gifted vibrator. Ha! I had to laugh at myself. Hey, it got me free dessert, so I wasn’t about to explain my husband had stayed behind taking care after our precious daughter while I worked on my Fashion Week show.

Natasha Valencia dresses on their wayMy uber finally arrived and at 9pm I was picking up the dressed for the show from the designer, Natasha Valencia. We were meeting for the first time and chatted away for half an hour, but I was beyond tired and had to leave to get some rest for show day!

10pm, finally in my room. Relieved that the dresses were fantastic and that my baby daughter was having a blast with her dad, grandparents and a new german friend!

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