Diaries of my first fashion week

Diaries of my First Fashion Week – Day 3

Today was beyond crazy, so I’ll give you a quick play-by-play.
7:30am: Wake upDiaries of my first fashion week
8:30am: Breakfast right across the street at Bouchon. I lied to myself saying I was in a Fashion Week diet and ate a granola and yogurt. Then I added a Hot Chocolate (with skim milk to try to trick my body) and a diet (haha) cookie.
9am: I thought I had time to visit our PR agent’s office. Instead, I had to mail the samples within Manhattan. I also used the opportunity to buy peanuts. Normally, peanuts are my worst enemy. In case you don’t know what peanuts are, they are those incredibly annoying little balls that are placed in boxes to protect whatever you are mailing. The ones that stick to everything and you can’t get rid of, ever? Yeah, those. I needed them to fill the bags for the show so that everything looked perfect. I dropped off my new peanut friends at the hotel and went out looking for umbrellas.
If you haven’t seen the photos and clips of the show yet, I needed umbrellas to break them. Like they do any time you are outside during a storm. So, I went to the nearest store with umbrellas and the lady insisted none of her umbrellas would break even if I wanted them to. Let me tell you, I grabbed a few and they actually looked like they weren’t going to break. Ever. Where were these when I bought the tens of umbrellas I had broken during storms???
I tried Duane Reade, but they were all too tiny. So, I ended up walking a few blocks until I finally found two perfect ones. I mean, look at the photos. They look perfect. THIS is definitely where I had bought all my other umbrellas. Lesson learned.
10am: For the next dreaded half hour, I worked with the peanuts and five plastic bags to create the perfect filling for the Jo Aguirre bags I would use for the show. They were full, but not too full.
10:30am: Ran next door for a 20 minute foot and back massage. Unless you have a 7 month old baby at home, I’m not sure you realize how much of a luxury this actually is.
11am: Quick shower before getting show-ready.
11:45am: Went to DreamDry for blowout and braid. If you ask me, it looked amazing. They made a simple bun, but the back of my head was an upside braid. Other than the fact that I had to sit with my head between my knees for a good five minutes, I loved the bun.
1pm: Ran to Columbus Circle to get my makeup done at Sephora. The girl at Face of Stockholm was absolutely amazing on Saturday, but Sephora gives free makeovers with purchases over $55 and I needed a few beauty supplies. So, I figured, why bot save a few bucks? I am not one for heavy makeup, but I requested silver eye-shadow and, if I may say si myself, it looked beautiful.
2pm: I headed to the Hotel, pumped milk and decided to leave in my T-Shirt and leggins with everything in tow. What is everythibg? My clothes, the models’ dresses, 7 pairs of shoes, the umbrellas, the pre-filled bags and, obviously, the Dear Rains. Need I say you couldn’t fit a needle in my Uber?
3pm: Model and designer call time! Made it right on time. Well, ok. I was 2 minutes late but it looked like 3 of my models were too.
3:45pm:  3 models still missing. I called them. One said she didn’t know she had been booked and couldn’t come. The twins jumped on a cab and said they would be there in half an hour.
Just as I was freaking out about my missing model, the hair stylist came out, holding one of my model’s hand. He said: “I can’t give her the wet look you want. If I do, it’s just going tDiaries of my first fashion weeko turn into an afro.” How did I not think of that? Thankfully, the show’s creative director, obviously a pro at this simply said: “Then just wet her forehead and look after the shoes.” Crisis averted.
4:35pm: The twins arrive and I am able to book a model who had gotten there earlier for her evening show. The gods were working in my favor, because I then realized this was the girl I wanted for the show, but the shoes hadn’t fit. I still don’t understand why or how, but the shoes fit like a glove this time around.
5:30pm: All my models were dressed and their hair and makeup finished. The only detail was: they still
didn’t know what they would do on the catwalk.  mll models are dressed and ready. The other designers were rehearsing too. So we sat down and patiently waited and hoped there would be time for us to rehearse.
6pm: Finally, we had time for a quick run through of the show. Pablo, the creative director explained how everything would work and then we rushed off the runway so they could begin seating people.
6:30pm: Show time! There was still no heating backstage, but I was so excited I was actually hot. The twins had rehearsed about ten million times what they would do and when. They discussed the speed of the Mississippis  they would use. They rehearsed again. They were making me nervous.
7:20pm: Our turn! All the twins’ rehearsing paid off. They looked like they were one person and a mirror. The show was unbelievable. Everyone got so excited, they actually asked me to go onstage like all designers do. That wasn’t part of the plan, because we were just an intermission. But hey, I took the chance, had my spotlight moment and loved every second of it.
Still excited and in a frenzy, we went backstage again and I helped the models change. I was so worried about them. It was incredibly cold and they were wearing linen dresses and wet hair! Once they were dressed and warm, I put everything back in my luggage and left.
8pm: Natasha Valencia, who designed my model’s dresses, her brother and a friend invited me to dinner. We walked a couple of blocks in the rain/snow and found ourselves in a Southern food with a twist restaurant.
10:30pm: Got into an Uber with all of my stuff and headed back to the hotel. It took forever to get there!
11:10pm: Finally back in the hotel. I organized all of my luggage (I had an early flight to catch), showered and tried to sleep. I was too excited to sleep. So, much to the delight of some of our Instagram followers (although I’m sure some were secretly cursing at me), I uploaded photos and documented the show as much as I did.
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