Flip Flops

Let’s Talk About Flip-Flops

For this blog, I try to stay away from controversial topics. I also try to avoid stating opinions that a big number of people may disagree with. Today, I realized that is why I’ve been finding it so hard to post here. That’s it. I can’t help it any more. While I will continue to try to be as inclusive of all tastes and opinions, I am going to sound a little more opinionated from now on. But, hear me out, I don’t think I am an authority on most of the things I write about. It may be right, it may be wrong, but it is simply that: my opinion.

When I first moved to this country, I moved to Florida and I was flabbergasted by the use of flip flops. All day. Every day. I honestly hated flip flops. I don’t know if I’ve learned to like them or just gotten used to them, but I now even own a couple. I still believe flip flops are a good idea for things like beach days and pool parties. I still don’t understand when I see someone wearing flip flops, two scarves, a winter hat, and a jacket. But now I don’t judge as much.

Hard as it is to write that I now like flip flops a little bit, it is the truth. But I do have to caveat that. If you are a flip flop lover, by all means, continue to wear them. But please, PLEASE!, do me (and everyone else

Flip Flops

around you) a gigantic favor a follow these five little guidelines. I can’t say they will bring about world peace, but they will (in their own little way) make the world a better place.

  1. Make sure your nails are pretty. Seriously, think about it. You are wearing a shoe that shows your toes and toe nails. Would you go out with some leftover makeup from yesterday on your face and with overgrown facial hair? I don’t think so. Applying the same logic, there really is no reason to wear flip flops if your nail polish is falling off and you have long cuticles all over the place. No, I don’t mean you must get a pedicure every day. All I am saying is, make sure your polish cover the entire nail or simply take it off. If you have a hangnail, don’t even think about it.
  2. Stay on top of your heels. Especially if you are a seria flip flop, wearer, your heels need some extra love. Buy a foot file or pumice stone and, after a hot shower, use it for a few seconds. A little every day goes a long way! I just checked and they sell for $5 at Walmart. So there really is no excuse. If that’s still not working, or if yours were so out of hand you need to do a little more, you can always lay on a thick layer of heavy cream or vaseline on your feet, and put on socks before bed. All of these solutions are not expensive, especially when you take into account they will prevent your heels from looking like Yellowstone.
  3. Always check there is appropriate weather. I can’t even believe I have to write this. Just think about this for a second. If it is so cold outside you are wearing long pants and several layers of tops, your feet will get cold unless you wear socks and closed shoes. If it is raining outside, your feet will get wet from puddles having all sorts of nasty stuff in them in the street. If it is warm and sunny, go ahead, break out those flip flops and enjoy!
  4. Keep your feet clean. Again, I can’t believe I just wrote that. But if I got a penny for every time I saw someone walking in flip flops and the bottom of their feet looked like they had just finished running through coal barefoot, I would be somewhere in the Maldives sipping Rosé.
  5. Do not touch your feet. Just because they are handy and out in the open does not give you the right to be touching your feet in public. Do not touch your feet. Do not pick your toe nails. Do not put your fingers between your toes. Do not leave your flip flop in the floor while you massage the back of your right leg with your left foot. (True story, I’ve seen all of this things happen) Seriously, just pretend you are wearing sneakers and interact with your feet as much as you would then.

I know people love their flip flops, but I don’t think many people would disagree with any of my easy to follow steps.

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