Dear dust, Dear thief, Dear airplane?

Dear Rain customers are traveling the world. They are taking their Dear Rain handbag ponchos with them, and they have ended up using them in the most unexpected ways. Here are our three favorite surprising Dear Rain uses (in no particular order, as not to hurt any feelings):

1. Prevent Pickpockets:

If you follow us on Instagram, you know who our favorite traveller is. Yes, it’s my mom. And yes, we look like twins. First of all, a gigantic shoutout to her. She doesn’t just support us by following, liking, and ordering, she is literally a walking billboard. You’ll never catch her without her Dear Rain and, guess what, her handbags look brand-spanking new.

After her latest travel adventure, she came back saying how she found her Dear Rain incredibly useful to prevent pickpockets. Let’s face it, when you are a tourist, you want to stick your nose in every crowded place there is. Even if you try not to, you immediately become the easiest target for a pickpocket. My mom started putting her Dear Rain on her Goyard St. Louis while in touristy crowds. It was a win-win-win, she got to enjoy her trip carefree, keep all the stuff in her purse safe and help spread the word about Dear Rain! (Did we mention we are in Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur and Lebanon now?)

2. Dust Cover

You know someone LOVES Dear Rain when they purchase a few even though they live in a place where it literally does not rain. I had to ask…

Turns out, no rain = lots of dust AND lots of dust = dirty handbags! So, for those of you out there in the desert or Lima, Dear Rain keeps your handbags dust-free and allows you to easily see which handbag is under each cover, which a regular dust bag does not.

3. Travel Protection

I’m actually slightly embarrassed I did not think of this one myself. I have many (MANY) pet peeves, but the top one has to be when you place your beautiful new handbag on a security belt and the idiot behind you slams the nasty wheels of their carry on right on it. Come to think of it and many things can go wrong with your handbag when you travel and, if you want some amazing travel photos, you probably travel with a nice bag.

If you are saved from the wrath of the wheels of the person behind you going through security, you still have to deal with overhead bins, under-seat storage and (believe it or not) air conditioning leaks. You are better off traveling with a Dear Rain anyway so, go ahead, whip it out in the airport and make sure your bag gets to the other side safe and sound.

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