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Dear Mom – a Gift Guide

Let’s face it, this day an age, if you need something, it is pretty simple to go online and get it. It takes like two seconds and chances are, shipping will be pretty inexpensive. Gone are the days when you would get mom something she really needs but hasn’t had the time to get herself. Enter websites like Ahalife, Fancy and The Grommet.


These are the perfect places to find something special, something unique, something really cool people will actually use but they probably didn’t know existed. Here’s our little curated list of our favorite mom gifts by interest.


For the Globetrotter: 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station $60.00   Globetrotter Mom

I kid you not; my mother travels with an actual powerstrip in her carry on! I know it sounds crazy, but every time I travel with her, I end up secretly using one of the ports… so maybe it’s not that crazy after all.


For the Gourmand: Sandwich Slicer Cutter $15

Gourmand MomHave you ever tried slicing a loaf of bread. That is some difficult stuff AND you really have no control over your slice’s width. This is so simple, yet so practical! Especially for the mom who bakes her own bread.


For the Party Mom: Bytox Hangover Patch $28

Party MomFirst time I hear of this. Please know, I am not a doctor. I don’t know if it works and I’m trusting someone
went through the necessary tests to make sure this was safe before selling it. If anyone tries it and it works, please be sure to mail some to my college self a hundred years ago. Apparently, this tiny patch restores your body with the vitamins and nutrients you got rid of after a night of drinking.


For the Fashionista: Dear Rain handbag poncho $20

Fashionista MomCan I just start by saying the Globetrotter may also want one of these? Also, depending on how good your mom has been -and how well your wallet is treating you- feel free to add a Bubble Umbrella and a Poncho to the mix.

She’s got her precious handbags and rain showers are not really leather friendly. Help your mom keep her style and her cool on rainy days with our awesome handbag poncho.


For the Fit Mama: Aquabot Sprayer Bottle Top & Bottle $26.5Fit Mama

Summer’s right around the corner and nothing feels better after a good run that a nice splash of water. I
remember those little Evian sprayers, but this looks like a clever and easier to carry solution. After all, she’ll probably have to carry the water bottle anyway.

Be sure to give her a big hug and kiss on her day too. Don’t know about yours, but mine is the best mom ever and being a mom is H.A.R.D.

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