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Starting a Business: The Ultimate DIY Project – Tips and Tricks (Part I)

Let me start by clearing something up. This post comes from a humble place. Far from believing I know every single tip available out there, I just thought I would list out the ones I have learned about. It has taken me years of reading blogs, joining Facebook groups, attending all sorts of events and brainstorming with all sorts of people to come up with this tiny but useful list. So I thought I could maybe save someone those years and hopefully get a conversation started (AKA: I’m all ears for your tips)

1: Facebook Groups

We all know what Facebook groups are. But, until very recently, I had no idea there are massive business oriented Facebook groups. I joined the first one and for a full week was unable to peel my eyes off it. I’ve found two main types: “masterminds” and wholesale.

If you’ve never heard about masterminding, here is an amazing article to explain it. Basically, people with similar interests/businesses join these groups to ask questions, receive feedback, create engagement pods (more on this later) and just support one another.

I’ll be honest, when I joined, I was 85% it would be a waste of time. But I was surprised at how helpful people are. I’ve had people actually say: “call me so I can teach you how to do x and y.” I think the trick is, everyone wants to be helpful because everyone wants people to be helpful to them at times in need.

Wholesale groups, on the other hand, are to join together buyers and vendors. For me, as a brand, it basically works as a Facebook trade show. You post your products and buyers will request more information and make orders.

You have no idea how proactive people are on these. So here is a list of my favorites so you can give them a go:

Society Gal:

Luxe Access:

The MLM Ladies:


Boutique Brands And Vendors:

2: Engagement PODS

A short while back (though it feels like forever ago), Instagram would be a more straightforward game because posts would show up chronologically. For the past year or so, the guys over at Instagram and Twitter have gotten fancier and now have algorithmic feeds. This means software will organize posts so the most relevant content shows first. And most relevant content will be either posts from handles with which you interact (like or comment) regularly or posts that receive tons of likes and comments.

What does this mean for small businesses? Your posts will likely be at the very bottom of the totem pole. Basically, you need to get people to like and comment on your posts to make them relevant. Please, please, do not go buying likes, followers, and comments. EVERYONE can tell these are fake and you run a chance of Instagram noticing and shadow banning you. (If you don’t know what a shadow ban is, please google it. I would explain it, but I can’t quite understand it…)

Enter: engagement pods. These are groups of brands, bloggers and influencers that like and/or comment one another’s posts to boost their relevancy. In short, you enter the group, send them your posts, and everyone will like/comment on it. Of course, you must do the same in return. Because of all the mystery around shadow banning and Instagram’s algorithms some PODS have moved over to Telegram, while others remain on Instagram’s private messages. As you read this, there’s probably a newer, cooler version I haven’t found out about. If you do find out, give a girl a call, will you?

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